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I like working in Real Estate because it has value. Whether looking to sell, looking for an investment or looking for home, as a realtor I get to help people with something that will bring them personal value!

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About Me

Tom, a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado and Valerie, a graduate of Baylor University, both grew up on farms and ranches in Colorado. Patriotic to the core, Tom joined the United States Navy and was stationed in Rota, Spain.  It could be said that “Team Waitley” actually started when they married in 1992 and Valerie joined Tom overseas.  After some time as business owners on the West Coast, Tom and Valerie couldn’t wait to bring their beautiful daughters back to the southern grace of Texas and they now call the Waco area their forever home.  Through the negotiation, purchase and sale of multiple properties, both residential and agricultural,  “Team Waitley” has gathered experience and skills, both personally and professionally, as diverse as the great state of Texas.  Whether you are looking for the perfect home in town, need to relocate your family to Waco from across the country, are looking for long-term investments, or dream of the seemingly simple farm life, “Team Waitley” is excited to share their vast and unique experience to help their clients through the process.

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Allyson and I have garnered a wonderful friendship and working relationship over the last year. Her advice was instrumental in me being able to sell my house at a very competitive price point. I have to tell you guys that Allyson is an awesome ambassador to your team. She reminds me so much of Camille. She is smart, kind, fair and has her hand on the pulse of the Greater Waco Realty Market. Nevertheless, her calm demeanor, and her commitment to honesty and her faith, made me feel secure in every decision that we made. I just don’t know that anyone else could have done what she did for me and my family in this market. God was with us. – Keith Willis